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¿Qué son las cervezas nitro? | Install Beer

What are nitro beers?

We see more and more beers with the prefix nitro. That is to say,, beers into which the manufacturer has injected nitrogen gas. In any style,nitrogen provides creaminess and persistence in the foam at the same time that it gives a false sensation of density to the body of the beer. We will understand it better with the quintessential nitrogen beer. It is dark with ruby highlights and comes from Dublin, Ireland.

Guinness Stout is the reference nitrogen beer. Neophytes will believe they are dealing with a full-bodied beer. Nothing is further from reality. Guinness Stout is a light beer, but the nitrogen generates a silky mouth-filling. Same with thatperfect foam made up of tiny bubbles ¿It is a magical experience, right. Many small brewers have taken note..

Cerveza Nitro

In Spain we find among others the case of In Peccatum. The Galician brewer injected nitrogen into its Black Inverno beer, which it later packaged in a can. According to the manufacturer it is an imperial cocoa coffee smoked rye stout with 12 alcohol. Again we seeos the pattern of nitrogenous stout. Although it may seem like a great idea, the result was poor. Whyé?

The Guinness ball was missing. Without this contraption, nitrogen dissipates quickly and does not dissolve in beer. We can find magnificent beers with nitrogen that when opened do not have any nitro. The operation of the ball is simple.. Contains the nitrogen it releases just when you open the can due to the sudden change in pressure. The aim of Guinness is that anyone could have their beer anywhere in the world just like fresh from the taps of an Irish pub.

Cerveza Nitro

Now, in addition to those already discussed,several are the manufacturers that have ventured to introduce nitrogen in their beers. Here are some examples of nitrogen references:

  • Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout Nitro (California, USA)
  • Stout Nitro hatchback (Argentina)
  • BrewDog Jet Black Heart Nitro Vanilla (Scotland)
  • Browar Stu Mostów WRCLW Imperial Stout Nitro (Poland)
  • Petrus Nitro Quad (Belgium)
  • Robinsons Trooper Nitro (England)
  • Vogue Nitro Black is Beltza (Spain)
  • LERVIG Nitro Latte (Norway)
  • Pyrene Wild Goddess Imperial NEIPA Nitro (Aragon)
  • The Fucking Nitro Stout (Spain)

As we see, they are mostly dark or dark beers; although there is also room for hops. Now every time you see a nitro beer you will already know what you are going to enjoy. However, it has the disadvantage thate nitrogen cream seals beer aromas. It could subtract qualities from styles whose strong point is the aroma. You decide!!

Cerveza Nitro

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