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What is mead?

Usual in myths and exploits, we know mead from movies and novels. Always linked to ancient times, this drink has been with us since man is man; although today it does not enjoy the same popularity as wine or beer. Share the fermentation process with them, but the raw materials change.Mead is a mixture of honey and water in different proportions that is boiled and allowed to ferment until the yeasts transform the sugar into alcohol.

Hidromiel - Mead - Install Beer

Now, as in beer,there are different styles of mead organized in turn in families. According to the American guide BJCP Beer Judge Certification Program, we can distinguish the following:s:

Traditional mead: does not contain attachments. It distinguishes betweendry, semi-dry or sweet depending on the portion of residual sugars. In its drier versions, traditional mead may resemble wine or cider.

Mead with fruit or melomel: in this category we fit all the meads thatthey carry fruits -either pulp or juice- in their elaboration. Among the most common fruits we find apple, grape, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, currant, strawberry, cherry, plum, peach and apricot.

Spiced mead or metheglin: As with the addition of fruits, the mead also admits different spices or condiments. Among the most popular we find:flowers, ginger, coffee, cocoa, tea, mint and rosemary.

Braggot:is the product of fermenting barley malt must together with mead. The result is a drink halfway between beer and mead.

Hidromiel - Mead - Install Beer

In recent years, a revival of mead has emerged, partly coming from northern and eastern Europe. In this new wave, the brewers have not limited themselves to imitating the pre-existing traditions, but have incorporated some techniques typical of beer. For example,some producers use hops in dry hopping to provide aroma. Likewise, the trend ismaturing mead with wood and distillates.

As a result of this development, last October it was heldthe Queen's Cup; the first mead championship in Spain. Among the winners we extract some national hydromeleros of proven quality:Blesar Mead, Grendel Mead, Bodegas Valhalla and Mead Guerrero among others. In general, these are small producers that rarely go beyond the provincial market. However, many have online sales from their web pages. In addition, you can find mead in the same specialty beer stores. You don't fancy the drink of the godss?

Hidromiel - Mead - Install Beer

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