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About us

Install Beer is born from the clamor of people to find all the technical material and equipment necessary on a single platform to be able to brew or dispense it in refrigerated systems. With a long experience of more than20 years Within the sector, the necessary help is offered for all the strata in which beer on draft is used. Covering other needs such as cold storage of beer in fermenters or kegs, complex fixed installations or the most suitable equipment for mobile events such as beer fairs and festivals.).

Install Beer is a store that tries to group all the needs for technical material around beer that the newest homebrewers may need, including the artisan brewers and brewpubs that are growing with a lot of drive and effort in our country, or the most professional facilities in bars, restaurants and events.We are located in Barcelona, Via Júlia Nou Barris, at Joaquim Valls 109 Local street, where we have the headquarters where we can supply the increasingly growing beer society.a.

Install Beer recommends the official technical serviceSave marimon ( / for everything that requires professional staff for complex installations. Comprehensive technical solution for both craft brewers, brewpubs, breweries, bars / restaurants or large stores. We carry out technical service in Barcelona atCrusat.

Install Group is the conglomerate of brands that make up the group. Install Beer specialized in beer dispensing; Install Brew specialized in brewing beer; Install Wine specialized in wine dispensing and Salvador Marimon as a comprehensive technical service for dispensing beverages.

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