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Craft Beer Kit:Beginner's Guide

Today, producing beer at home is a hobby within everyone's reach. We can get equipment and ingredients, the popular onescraft beer kit, in specialized stores. The truth is that, whether good or regular, self-brewed beer has a special flavor. However, there are still those who do not dare to produce homemade beer It seems cumbersome Then this guide is for you!ti!

Ingredientes cerveza artesana

¿What do we need in our craft beer kit?

A fermenter is essential. It should be a container with good thermal resistance and that does not add flavors to the beer. The fermenter will be closed to prevent the entry of oxygen. On the cover, we will place aairlock valvek) to regulate the accumulation of CO2 during fermentation and prevent, again, oxidation. In addition, at the bottom, the fermenter will carry asmall tap that will allow us to extract the beer. It is convenient to place aadhesive thermometer outside the fermenter to control the temperature.

We will also need apalette non-porous material to remove and disinfectant to sterilize the equipment; for exampleClearoxid. To bottle, we will use glass bottles, plates and amanual veneer.

We could use grain and hops, but since it is the first preparation, it should be as simple as possible. For this purpose, we will use themalt concentrates which are sold in cans. These preparations contain the hopped must and reduced to syrup. To complete the ingredients of our first beer, we will need yeast the type varies depending on the style of beer, sugar and water.a.

At this point, one might ask how many ingredients do we need to make a certain volume of beer. Well, this information is indicated by the manufacturer of each preparation and depends on the style of beer. For example, with 1.5 Kg of malt concentrate and the addition of 1 Kg of sugar we could get about 20 liters of beer. For a batch of this volume we will use a 30-liter fermenter. In any case, it is always advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Elaborar cerveza artesana

I already have my craft beer kit How do I do ito?

Once we have disinfected the equipment, we heat the can for 5 minutes in a water bath with the malt preparation. At the same time, we heat 3 liters of water. However, the volume of water is indicated by the concentrate manufacturer. When the water begins to boil, add the preparation. We reserve a little hot water to pour into the can and thus extract all the syrup. We stir with the palette until it dissolves. When transferring the must to the fermenter, we have to cool it down quickly. We can put it in a bathtub with cold water and even ice. They can also be usedcoils.

Afterwards, we take a glass of must at around 25ºC and inoculate the yeast for its activation. We wait a few minutes, and pour the contents into the fermenter. We close it and fill the valve with alcohol. Then we place the fermenter in a dark room where we are not disturbed by the sound of bubbling. After 9 days we should fill the bottles. If we find a lot of sediment at the bottom of the fermenter, we can extract it with asiphon so as not to saturate the tap.

We put a small amount of sugar or dextrose in the bottles that we have disinfected and we then cover them with the help of amechanical veneer. The second fermentation and maturation will last for two months, depending on the style of beer. And you already have your homemade beer! Find everything you need for your homemade beer kit at Install Beer.

Kit cerveza artesana

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