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Equipment rental for dispensing

¡This weekend barbecue! I carry the beer keg!! 🙂

¿¡A barrel! Yes yes, no cans!s!

This is what more than one we have wished for the weekend to pass, but ... Who has a beer tap for a barbecue?ues Install Beer!

Many people think that getting and installing abeer tap It is complicated, but I already tell you that on the contrary, it is much more comfortable than having to be playing Tetris with the cans so that most of them fit in the fridge, or watch to not run out of ice on the piece of cube that a friend has borrowed from his parents to put all the cans inside.o.

At Install Beer we offer you the possibility ofrent a portable machine of 2 beer taps, with the possibility of taking it yourself and start it without complications, or if you have plans to take out a lot of beer, our technicians can install a machine like that of a bar with column and tray to have a perfect party .

Our rental service is bothfor individuals as companiesIn any sector, openings, events, celebrations, the service is offered and adapted to the needs of each one.o.

Maquinas refrigeradoras

¿How do I know when I need a portable machine or complete installation??

Basically it will depend on theamount of beer per hour that you are going to dispense / serve.

Direct expansion coolers are very comfortable and practical, as we discussed earlier,you can install it yourself and turn it on 10 minutes before the event, but you must bear in mind that the capacity of cold beer will not be the same as that of a bar cooler, you cannot have the tap open and serve 8 or 10 beers in a row, since the first 3 will be perfect for you cold but then gradually increase the temperature of the beer, you have toallow time for the machine to chill the new incoming beer from the keg 2-3 minutess). These types of machines are perfect for fairs and festivals as long as you are not the only one who has beer for the entire event or for parties of between 20 or 30 people.s.

On the other hand, if you think that with the portable machine you are going to be short, since it is for a wedding or a very large event, we offer you the possibility of renting an ice bench machine with column and tap, like in a bar , so you make sure that you will have no problem, butthis installation must be carried out by our technicians traveling to the event site. Obviously, this type of installation entails, among other things, thatthe cooler must be turned on the night before to ensure it has the necessary cold and ice capacity.

About the beer you can put, that is already your choice, if it is proximity beer, from a distributor or from the Macro, the only thing thatwe need to know what type of extractor head is usedHere is a summary of the main beers and the different types of heads they correspond to.

Tipos de cabezales

¿Where can I find you and how do I do it??

Our facilities are in Barcelona, so we invite you to fill out the form or send us an e-mail indicating the following things so that we can inform you of prices and availability:

  • Place and days of the event
  • Approximate number of people and consumption / hour
  • Beer type or keg type to identify the head modell)

Once the email or form is received, we will contact you to specify, find the most suitable equipment and reserve the date.

It is important to inform you that at Install Beer we do not work on the weekend, forboth the collection and delivery of the equipment in our facilities, as well as the assembly / disassembly of the installation must be from Monday to Friday working days.