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Ventajas e instalación de un grifo de cerveza en casa | Install Beer

Advantages and installation of a beer tap at home

If family meals and meeting with friends are common on your agenda, surely you have been seduced by the idea of installing a beer tap at home. Your own beer shooter translates into multiple benefits when you make regular use of it. Think, for example, thatwill allow you to serve beer just like in bars. You can regulate the run to create that layer of cream so delicious and at the same time impossible to obtain with a can or bottle beer.

You can also have a large volume of cold beer ready to drink because when you have a visit, the fridge is usually not enough to hold everything you would like. Don't forget perhaps the most important factor: price.You will save when buying beer in barrels, especially in the case of craft beer; And if you buy it directly from the manufacturer, a local product, you will save even more and guarantee its freshness.

Cerveza de grifo en casa

If you still have doubts about the convenience of having a beer dispenser at home, don't worry because we will solve the most frequently asked questions. Some people don't know how long a punctured beer barrel can hold. Well, it depends on the style, but in generala 30-liter barrel can remain punctured for up to two months without problem ¿So I can tap any beer keg Yes, but you need the specific keg extractor head as there are different types..

¿So once I turn on the cooler, how long does it take for the beer to cool? That depends on the model, but in a couple of hours you will have your beer ready to consume at most. And how long does a bottle of CO2 last? With 2 KG of CO2 you can serve between 350 and 400 liters.os.

¿You already have it clearer Because it only remains that you know the installation of the beer tap you want. Is about a very simple process, since we find a wide range of pre-assembled installations with tray, tap, column or hand pump, etc. First we have to connect the beer tube that comes out of the column to the head, which in turn will be connected to the barrel. The beer will circulate along this route.

Cerveza de grifo en casa

Then, we take the pressure reducer, gas regulator, to which we will connect the tube. One side will go to the CO2 bottle, while the other will connect to the barrel. Through this route the gas will circulate to the barrel, which we can regulate or compensate with the manometer. Now, to cool the beer we have different options.We can circulate the beer through the coil of an external refrigerator or we can also choose one of the many taps that already have a built-in refrigerator.

You already know everything you need about the advantages of having a beer dispenser at home. Sure you want to have one, rightd?

Cerveza de grifo en casa

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