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Ventajas de tu sistema de dispensación de cerveza | Install Beer

Advantages of your beer dispensing system

If what you want is to set up a craft beer bar or install some beer handles in your bar, take note and we will surely clarify some aspects of the idea you have.

Beer facilities basically consist of 4 parts or elements,chiller, column with its corresponding tray, beer keg and gas bottle. Once this is known, we must know where we are going to place everything, therefore I will explain some things to take into account before deciding where we will place these elements.

The chilling machine is an element that basically serves to cool the beer since it passes through a coil that is immersed in fairly cold water between 0 and -3 or so. This machine shouldplace it in a fairly ventilated space Where it does not have other machinery near it that are sources of heat such as dishwashers, bottle racks, etc. and where it is possible to work with it top cover to carry out maintenance and avoid future problems without having to move the machine since, as it is full of water, mobility is quite complicated. We must have an electric current near the

Instalación de cerveza

Once we have the space of the chiller more or less decided, it is time to locate another space, but this time for the column with its corresponding taps. On columns there are different types and finishes to choose the type of column or bridge, you can see some examples of columns and installations in our online store. But now what we should decide ishow many taps do we want to have to know a little the measurements, find a space and above all bear in mind that the closer you are to the machine the better.

We know that sometimes due to the distribution of the premises it becomes a bit complicated but these cases would not be a problem for us either since we have the necessary materials to transport long distances, avoiding the loss of minimum cold.

Instalación de cerveza

As you may have seen in bars,each column has its corresponding tray, this element we should simply decide if we want it embedded in the bar to be at the bar level, on the bar or attached to the bar by a kind of sergeants or "Grampo" as it is usually called. And finally and to finish with the tray we must know if it will have a mojacopas, as the name indicates it is used to wet the cups by pressing the cup with the mojacopas, surely you will have seen it in bars too. We should have a water connection nearby to connect it and a drain.

Now is the time for the barrels and the gas bottle, Where do I put them How are they best kept? The location of the barrels, as with the chiller, should be in a ventilated place with a stable temperature and in the case of barrel, the cooler the better. Remember thatque heat doesn't do beer any good.

The ideal would be to have a cold room only for the barrels, but due to the budget and distribution of the premises it is sometimes very complicated. Finally, the gas bottle is also better in a cool, airy place as heat could adversely affect the bottle.

Instalación de cerveza

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