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Turismo cervecero por Londres | Install Beer

Beer tourism in London

The capital of the British Kingdom brings together avast brewing tradition interwoven with the craft beer movement. For the most classic part, we can find at least one pub on each street. These super aesthetically pleasing bars offer a handful of taps to choose from. We will warn first of all that there are two types of taps: those counter-pressurized by gas like those in Spain and hand pumps.o.

It will be in these hand pumps where we find the typical ones“cask ale and real alele”. These are low-carbonated beers, flat-bodied and with little foam. According to English tradition, they still contain live yeast in the barrel and are propelled through the air, giving it particular flavors that in other cultures would be flaws. We can find in this format the typical British ale, and especially a brand: Fullers. The Chiswick brewery is present in most pubs..

Craft Beer London

In case you get lost, here are a few pubs that you will enjoy:Mayflower, The Haarp, Churchill Arms, Prospect of Whitby, Ye Olde Cheshire, Captain Kidd, The Blackfriars, Old Bank of England and Jerusalem Tavern among others. Special mention for theThameside Inn at Nicholson's, with terrace and views of the River Thames. It is on the south bank, next to Borough Market. Also, it has an old ship next to it.

Regarding factories to visit, you cannot overlook the facilities ofFullerss (The Griffin Brewery, Chiswick Lane South, London W4 2QB. It has a restaurant where you can have its freshest beers than anywhere else and also enjoy local cuisine. Don't leave without visiting their store, where you will find limited editions, aged beers and collaborations with other brands..

Craft Beer London

Regarding the most craft part, you can do the“beer mile”. It is a very special beer route because in a straight line you will find a dozen craft beer factories and pubs in a row in just one mile. You can also visit one of the localBrewDog, where to drink and buy his extravagant creations. If you had little time, you can visitThe Kernel and Brew by Numbers, since they are next to each other. In the same proximity situation are the taproom ofBeavertown and that ofPressure drop.

Whether you prefer to enjoy the more hoppy double dry hopping beers than traditional real ale, London is your city. You won't run out of beer, but be careful because the pubs close soon!!

Craft Beer London

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