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Turismo cervecero por Extremadura | Install Beer

Beer tourism in Extremadura

Cáceres and Badajoz offer a rich cultural heritage to all kinds of tourists, also to the most brewers. Few know the straitancestral link between the region and the manufacture of beer in Spain. To understand it, we have to go back to the 16th century.

Cerveza Artesana Extremadura

In Extremadura we findthe old Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste, still open today. It was to this sacred place that King Carlos I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire retired. We find in the figure of Carlos I the first Spanish #beerhunter. His devotion to beer was such that he ordered to bring brewing masters from Europe with the sole purpose of making beer for their personal consumption. In this way,Carlos I introduced beer in the Spanish court as a drink for the nobility.

Some time later, Carlos I abdicated and moved to the aforementioned Monastery of Yuste in Extremadura. There he sent the master brewerEnrique Vander Duysen set up your personal brewery It is or is not a real #beerlover This story by few knowna inspired Heineken to launch Yuste's Legacy beer, today withdrawn from the market.

Cerveza Artesana Extremadura

Nowadays, we also find a handful of small breweries in Extremadura. Take note if you want to visit them:

  • Ballut: factory with restaurant in Badajoz.
  • The ferret: factory in Cabeza del Buey, Badajoz.
  • Sevebrau: factory and restaurant in Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz.
  • Piporra beer: It started as a nomadic brewer, but later the company merged with Sevebrau.
  • Cerex beers: beer and spirits factory in Zarza de Granadilla, Cáceres.

Cerveza Artesana Extremadura

It might seem in principle that few Extremaduran beer producers are. However, when performing an in-depth searchwe find at least a dozen nomadic processors who cook in the factories of their neighbors. In this sense, it is striking that most beer companies do not own the facilities they use to produce.

Instead,Extremadura has its own beer fair. It takes place in the municipality of Trujillo. It truly celebrates the concept of local beer, a local product, because all the microbreweries from Extremadura come. It could not be done in 2019 due to lack of funding, but we are confident that it will return this year.

Now with everything you know about beer in Extremadura, you dare to follow in the footsteps of Carlos I and drink like a king. Enjoy craft beer in a unique setting!co!

Cerveza Artesana Extremadura

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