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Directorio: Turismo cervecero por el País Vasco | Install Beer

Directory:Beer tourism in the Basque Country

“Winter is coming, the seasoned northerners of Game of Thrones pray. In Spain, the northerners also prepare for the winter with beers of high alcoholic strength, which are also perfect for long-term storage in crypts or wherever they consider. The truth is that Melisandre was half right because the night is dark, but it does not harbor horrors. On the contrary, it harbors black wonders. At this point, you will know which region of Spain we are referring to. Yes, the Basque Country's master brewers are experts in the noble art of the Russian Imperial Stout so suitable for the cold winter, but they know how to do many other styles just as well.

In the north of the Iberian Peninsula factories and breweries abound where to stop to hydrate the spirit after enjoying all the good that this region houses. If you go up to Euskadi with the intention of practicing beer tourism, don't miss this list of production centers that you can visit.

Cerveza Euskadi

  • The Basquery Beer Factory: brewpub in Bilbao
  • Zarautz Beer Company: factory in Zarautz Guipúzcoaa)
  • Txorierri Garagardoak: factory in Sondika Vizcayaa)
  • Borbor Brewery: factory in Deba Guipúzcoaa)
  • Urban Beer: factory in Zamudio Vizcayaa)
  • BÝRA: factory in Nanclares de la Oca Álavaa)
  • Bad Gissona: factory in Oiartzun Guipúzcoaa)
  • Tito Blas: factory in Gorliz Vizcayaa)
  • Bidassoa Basque Brewery: factory in Irún Guipúzcoaa)
  • Boga Garagardoa: factory in Mungia Vizcayaa)
  • Gar & amp; Gar: factory in Donostia Guipúzcoaa)
  • Basqueland Brewing Project: Hernani Guipúzcoa factorya)
  • Olbea Pilsner: factory in Salvatierra Álavaa)
  • Gross: factory in San Sebastián
  • Laugar Brewery: factory in Gordexola Vizcayaa)
  • Pagoa Basque Beer: factory in Oiartzun Guipúzcoaa)
  • Olaneta: factory in Renteria Guipúzcoaa)
  • Baias Garagardotegia: factory in Oiardo Urkabustaiz Álavaa)
  • Etxeandia Garardauak: factory in Urduliz Vizcayaa)

Cerveza Euskadi

As you can see,most microbreweries are located in Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya. Furthermore, of the fifty companies dedicated to beer production in the Basque Country, less than half have their own factory. That is to say,the majority are nomads who work in other people's facilities.

In case your visit to Euskadi is express,you can't miss Laugar's oilsar. Biscayans have a well-deserved reputation for working well with dark beers. Instead, if you are addicted to hops, you should try therange of pale ale and IPA that Gross works in San Sebastián. In any case, enjoy your visit to one of the most beer regions of Spain. Surely it will not leave you indifferent!!

Cerveza Euskadi

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