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Turismo cervecero por Baleares | Install Beer

Balearic beer tourism

As it happens around the globe,islanders often have difficult access to inputs for brewing. This does not mean that it is impossible to make beer on an island, but it does require some additional courage. An example of this are the Balearic Islands Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera. Good beer is also made in the middle of the Mediterranean. The Balearic Islands is not only the identity substrate for Estrella Damm's #Mediterraneamente campaign, but it also offers craft beer.l.

Cerveza Baleares

In the Islands there are some projects with additional charm for their roots in the land; all this enhanced by a key factor:Balearic Islands is the destination to which many Europeans who like a wide variety of beer spend the summer. And without further delay, we will get to know those factories that you can visit to enjoy the authentic beer tourism that the Balearic Islands offer. Through this list, you can trace your own route through the archipelago to learn more about its culture.

  • Adalt Brewing: craft beer factory and taproom in Mallorca
  • Sa Cerviseria: brewpub located in Palma de Mallorca
  • Ralf: craft beer factory located in Mallorca
  • 4 Alqueries Cervesa Artesana: craft beer factory in Mallorca
  • Toutatis: craft beer factory in Mallorca
  • Talaiotika: craft beer factory in Mallorca
  • Outsider: craft beer factory in Mallorca
  • It's Molí de Foc: restaurant with its own range of beers in Mallorca
  • Ibosim: craft beer factory with taproom in Ibiza
  • Beer Lovers: craft beer factory in Mallorca
  • Sullerica beer: craft beer factory in Mallorca
  • Illa beer: craft beer factory in Menorca

Cerveza Baleares

As we can see, in the Balearic Islands only twelve factories continue to operate out of the almost thirty that have opened in the last decade. Furthermore, the vast majority of factories are located in Mallorca. In this sense, we are talking about a genuinely local product because of geographic barriers. A good part of these microbreweries take creativity toincorporate the fruits of the area into their recipes, as well as adapt their elaborations to the availability of ingredients.

It is also striking thatthe craft beer phenomenon begins slightly early in the Islands compared to the Peninsula; surely motivated by the demand of European English, German and Belgian tourists among others with different tastes than blonde and iced cane, who aspire to beers with more personality.d.

In any case, go ahead and discoverthe authentic Balearic beer culture from the hand of the small brewers scattered throughout the archipelago. You will see that the Mediterranean has many unique sensations to offer and beers you never dreamed of.

Cerveza Baleares

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