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Receta para elaborar cerveza negra artesana estilo Porter en casa | Install Beer

Recipe for making Porter-style craft beer at home

If there is a beer that attracts attention due to its color, that is the dark beer. Even the most casual consumers have tried a porter or a stout at some point in their lives. Different false myths circulate about these dark styles That if they are more alcoholic beers That if they are denser Lie!ra! The alcoholic volume and density of the beer are not related to its color. The appearance of these striking styles is exclusively due to the roasting of the malts. More burnt malts convey that characteristic color in addition toflavors reminiscent of coffee, chocolate and licorice.

Cerveza Negra

¿So the porter and the stout are made only with very roasted malts Nothing is further from the truth. The truth is dark beers carry a very small proportion of dark malts because a minimum amount is enough to give it both the look and the character we are looking for. So you are encouraged to make your first homemade stouta?

For 10 liters of delicious dark beer you will need the following ingredients:2.5 KG of pale malt, 350 grams of caramel malt, 75 grams of chocolate malt, 75 grams of black malt, 150 grams of oat flakes and 30 grams of Cascade hops plus brewer's yeast. This time we are going to use quite a few special malts, and as you will have observed it will not be a very hoppy beer. In this case we will use hops for their bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malts.

Cerveza Negra

After macerating the cereal for an hour and a half at 67ºC with 8 liters of water, we added another 7 liters to wash the bagasse. It is then time to boil the wort for an hour. At the beginning of the bubbling we add 20 grams of hops and reserve the remaining 10 grams for ten minutes before it finishes boiling. In this way, we have to ferment the beer at a temperature close to 20ºC for a week or ten days, as well as leaving the equivalent of maturation time.

Thus we will obtain what will be our first porter with an alcoholic volume close to 5º. Try to taste it in the company of sweet chocolates or biscuits It will surprise you! You are ready to taste the best homemade beer made by you. Do not hesitate after making your first Porter to experiment and make changes to the recipe to try different

Cerveza Negra

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