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Receta: ¿De qué estilo son las cervezas ahumadas? | Install Beer

Recipe:What style are smoked beers?

When a homebrewer plans to brew a smoked beer, tooknown as rauchbier, you may find confusion when defining the style. Although the Beer Judge Certification Program BJCP collects the rauchbier as an style belonging to the german tradition (which is true 100, there are also other ways to make smoked beer off the Teutonic route.a.

Throughout history, most roasted malts were also smoked to a greater or lesser degree. Before theinvention of the rotating drum, which was also used to roast coffee, the procedure for obtaining special malts was through direct smoking. The malters placed the sprouted cereal on thewood flames continental Europe or peat UKido). Indirectly, this process helped to smoke the malt and transfer certain properties to it. Therefore, we understand that smoked beer is not a style in itself, but depends on the addition of these special malts on a base style. It is a technique that enjoyed great extension during the Middle Ages.

Cerveza ahumada - Rauchbier

On the one hand, the historical origin of the German rauchbier is found in theBamberg city. In this location, the brewers still produce and use smoked malts today. But what styles do they produce? In principle, these German specialties are all low fermented Lager. The original rauchbier were made around auna marzenbier recipe. However, we can also findhelles, dunkel, bock, schwarzbier and weissbier among other basic styles. The key, in any case, is thesmoked malt with beech wood. It is worth noting the Schlenkerla house, whose rauchbier are reminiscent of the bacon and are very popular.

Cerveza ahumada - Rauchbier

On the other hand, we also find smoked beers in the British Isles. It is true that more as a side effect of roasting than as a sought-after feature. In reality, brewers avoided flavors from smoke. However, the reality is thatthe milkshake gave this peculiar flavor to the British porter and stout. Memories of smoked ale disappeared as malting techniques improved, as new pale malts emerged and blond beers came into vogue.

Whichever style you choose, remember how important it is to select a quality smoked malt. Among the most coveted by homebrewers are those ofWeyermanGive them a try! Its smoky notes will not leave you indifferent..

Cerveza ahumada - Rauchbier

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