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Receta de cerveza: Claves para elaborar una cerveza SMASH en casa | Install Beer

Beer recipe:Keys to making a SMASH beer at home

Before going into the subject, you know what a SMASH beer is. This name, more typical of a chocolate than a beer technique, refers to a beer made frome a single variety of malt and a single variety of hops Single Malt And Single Hopp). This way of creating recipes comes from American homebrewers, who developed the term on their internet forums.

¿So it's easy to make a SMASH beer. Well, we shouldn't confuse easy with simple. The first task the brewer faces is finding a good assembly. The characteristics of cereal and hops should marry in harmony, and even empower each other.

Cerveza Artesana Smash

Think, for example, that not all hops bring the same characteristics to beer. You needa total hop that offers bitterness, aroma and flavoror. The same happens with malt. You needa base malt of sufficient quality and quality because you will not add special malts. This directly affects the styles you can create.

The reality is that the SMASH technique limits the types of beer you can get. For example, dark beers such as Stout or Porter are incompatible with the SMASH method because they require colored malts. However,SMASH works great on styles like Pale Ale, Amber Ale or Red Ale.

¿So two beers with the same malt and the same hops will offer the same sensory profile. No! And that's part of the grace of the SMASH technique. You forgetdas two highly influential ingredients in beer properties: water and yeast. Beer is 95 water, so its PH and the load of mineral salts it contains are determining factors in the final product. The same happens with yeast. The type of yeast you use completely conditions the beer. The range of nuances offered by a Belgian yeast is diametrically different from what you will get with an English yeast..

Cerveza Artesana Smash

In addition, of course, the process influences. The final result depends on the temperature scaling in boiled and macerated; of how you add the hops: during the mashing, in the fermenter If you mature the beer in cold or noto…

¿And what interest does a SMASH beer have then? It allows you to understand in detail how the ingredients behave, what you can get from them and also discover how they interlock with each other. Some interesting combinations are: Vienna malt with Centennial hops, Maris Otter with Citra or Golden Promise with Yellow ¡Dare to try the SMASH side of the beer!

Cerveza Artesana Smash

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