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Receta de cerveza: 5 consejos para elaborar una Barley Wine | Install Beer

Beer recipe:5 tips to make a Barley Wine

Barley wines are British beers that the English developed forcompete with the wines of southern Europe, since the cold and rainy climate of the islands was not as favorable to life as the Mediterranean. In this sense, the manufacturers devised a dense and sweet alcoholic beer that bore a certain resemblance to certain wines of the time. Today, some homebrewers have set out to reproduce the spectacular style in their homes. So we are going to give you some advice.

Barley Wine

  • ¿You are going to make an American or English barley wine This question is of vital importance, because American barley wines have a higher alcoholic volume and more hops. This means that they are more bitter than their European sisters. In addition, the use of American hops will be present in the aroma with hints of tropical and citrus fruits. Therefore, choose well the amount of malt and the types of hops that you are going to use to make one or another variant.
  • Although it is not mandatory, some professional manufacturers usually age them in barrels. Since we don't usually have wooden barrels at home, you canadd oak chips toasted that previously you have macerated in other alcoholic beverages such as brandy, whiskey or wine.
  • They are alcoholic beers, but stout. You must use large proportions of malt, but at the same timemake sure the must contains non-fermentable sugars. This is achieved with mashing temperatures and by inoculating yeast strains with an attenuation rate that is not entirely high.
  • Barley wines are not Belgian strong ales or quadrupels. Although they are also alcoholic beers, yeast does not have much prominence in barlwey wine. The yeasts used in the Belgian tradition offer fruity, sterile and phenolic memories. We are not looking for any of that in a barley wine, butmalt must prevail. In addition, we also do not add sugars or other adjuncts other than grain.
  • The barley winerequire long ripening times. They reach their best version after a year and even two of rest, and require at least six months to mature.

As you can see, barley wine is not a quick style to elaborate. However, the result is very satisfactory, since its intensity and complexity make it a joy for those who know how to drive it away. It is in your hand to enjoy this style without equal. Now, you dare to add oak dipped in liquor You will use American hops You decide!ides!

Barley Wine

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