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¿Qué ventajas tiene la cerveza artesana para la hostelería? | Install Beer

What advantages does craft beer have for the hospitality industry?

With the development of craft beer, more and more restaurants offer new styles. However, craft beer is still a niche product. The beer giants work with exclusivity clauses that prevent the access of new brands to the hospitality business. However, surely after reading this article you plan to introduce at least one craft beer in your premises.

Hostelería Cerveza Artesana

The best restaurants always have a wine list with extraordinary references, capable of seducing the most demanding diners. We must also bear in mind that the price of these wines is usually high, but no one is surprised. We all understand that a sirloin or a roast improves its category with a quality wine. On the other hand, there are few high-end restaurants thatthey also have a quality beer menu. It is no secret that the best of the beers is infinitely cheaper than the best of the wines, while the result is the same or more satisfactory.

In this sense, beer allows the same, if not more, pairing possibilities than wine. The combination of theirfour ingredients water, barley malt, hops and yeast give an infinite variety of aromas, flavors and textures to beerza. Unlike the typical international Lager, craft beer offers a wide range of organoleptic sensations. In this versatility lies its value for pairing in hospitality. The different styles of beer allow pairing any meal from start to finish. The appropriate beer not only accompanies the dish, it enhances it.

Hostelería Cerveza Artesana

In addition, offering craft beer is a differentiating factor with respect to the competition, whose offer is reduced to throwing reeds and having some reference of great consumption in the bottle. Dispose ofcraft beer gives exclusivity to the business. It is a gourmet product able to retain new customers and create new consumption habits. This turns craft beer into a tourist attraction. Who does not enjoy local food when they travel? The same happens with beer. If a certain businesso offers a special and local beer, its popularity is likely to grow.

These are some of the reasons why introducing craft beer in hospitality is a good decision. Perhaps the first barrier is ignorance of the product, but any manufacturer or distributor will help you solve it. In addition, you can consult other professionals and experts to advise you. Craft beer is a bet for the future and the present. Little by little you will see how your customers react to it.

Hostelería Cerveza Artesana

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