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¿Qué marcas impulsaron el retorno de la cerveza artesana? | Install Beer

What brands drove the return of craft beer?

When we talk about craft beer in Spain, we are referring to a phenomenon that started a little over a decade ago. In this brief interval, more than 600 beer brands have sprouted in the country. Although heterogeneous with each other, they all share one idea: to make different beers. It is fair to point out some of the breweries that have either contributed to the development of the sector or that are significant on other merits.

In the peninsular center, a group of factories created theSpanish Association of Independent Craft Brewers, also known by its acronym AECAI, in 2014. The seven brewers who founded the association are: Arriaca Guadalajara, Dawat Cuenca, Domus Toledo, La Cibeles Madrid, La Sagra Toledo, La Virgen Madrid and San Frutos Segovia. 48 factories today belong to the association. In this group we also find the first Spanish craft beer that is marketed in a can. Arriaca is a pioneer in using this type of packaging for most of its product line.a de producto.

Cerveza artesana

According to the prestigious magazine Food & amp; Wine, Naparbier Navarra is among thes 15 most influential craft breweries in Europe. The article reads as follows: Since 2009, Naparbier has been creating delicious beers from the Navarra town of Noáin. The founders of the company have been experimenting with home brewing 10 years before starting the brewery. ... Naparbier is one of the leaders. Demand is growing, as the company's beer is now being shipped to the United States and many countries in Europe, in addition to the creation in Barcelona of its spectacular Brewpub NaparBCN in 2016.16”.

If we refer to the pioneers of craft beer in Spain, it is not clear who was the first. As new factories appeared, others closed. We can point out some of the brands that were at the dawn of this new way of brewing beer. In Barcelona we find Montseny and Rosita, founded in 2006 and 2007 respectively. These two brands are part of Barcelona. Currently, Montseny is recognized for its hopped Ale and Rosita has grown to the point that it is easy to find in many of the supermarket shelves.

Cerveza artesana

If we look north, Dougalls is one of the beer icons not only in Cantabria, where his factory is located, but in Spain. The Englishman Andrew Dougall founded the brewery that bears his name in 2006. Without a doubt, Dougalls produces some of the most recognized Spanish India Pale Ale in the artisan sector. Nor can we ignore the islands. Tacoa was born in 2001 in Tenerife. It claims to be the first craft brewer in Spain.a.

When we refer to the most relevant beers, it is inevitable to leave out some brand that should appear well. However, all the ones we mention have more than enough arguments to be part of the Spanish beer history. In any case, we encourage you to try their products. & Gt;

Cerveza artesana

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