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¿Qué estilo de cerveza es una IPA? | Install Beer

What style of beer is an IPA?

IPA it meansIndia Pale Ale. It is the style that has conquered the hearts of beer fans, it is one of the best craft beers. Not only is it enjoyed in the best breweries, but it has also reached supermarkets. IPA style beers are high fermentation beers(Ale). In other words, yeasts work at a higher temperature than in low-fermentation beers(Lager).

Cervezas IPA

IPAs are beers that use a higher volume of hops. Hops is a flower that transmits bitterness, aroma and flavor to beer. Depending on the varieties used, it can remind us of grass, pine or different fruits, for example. The addition of hops became popular because it is a natural preservative. Along with a higher hop load, IPAs are more alcoholic beers. The rate varies, but the usual thing is to find thembetween 6 and 8 alcoholol. However, each brewer produces this style in their own way. The basic idea is that an IPA is a bitter, aromatic and alcoholic beer.

The origins of IPA date back to the time of British imperialism. The story goes that the English transported beer by boat from the British Isles to India. Beer is a perishable product under normal conditions; so that it was spoiled along the way what solution did they devise? To elaborate a beer with more alcohol and more hops to preserve it better. The result is a more flavorful and aromatic drink. In India, instead of lowering this beer with others of lower quality or with water, the colonists enjoyed it pure. When they returned to England, the English beers seemed too light in comparison.

Cervezas IPA

This style has evolved, and in recent years it has enjoyed great popularity, especially in the United States. In a short time, almost all the microbreweries in the worldelaborate at least one IPA. However, as a developing phenomenon, IPA is evolving towards diversity. Thus, we find sub-styles likeAmerican IPA (more hoppy, Double-Triple-Imperial IPA (more alcoholic and more bitter, White IPA (with wheat, Black IPA (with dark malts, Session IPA (fruity and low alcohol, etc..

The offer of the India Pale Ale style grows at times. For example, in the last year,New England IPA (cloudy, fruity and aromatic have taken over the taps and shelves of specialized businesses. Each brewery strives to differentiate its product, which makes each IPA unique What will be the evolution and trend in 201818?

New England IPA

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