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¿Qué es una Micro IPA y una Nano IPA? | Install Beer

What is a Micro IPA and a Nano IPA?

In recent years, multiple interpretations of the India Pale Ale style have emerged. We have suffered an avalanche of Black IPA, NEIPA, Brut IPA, etc. In the middle of this whirlwindmicro IPAs have appeared; also known as nano IPA. More and more factories label their product that way, but we know what a micro IPA isA?

Like any Yankee IPA, part of a pale ale from the English tradition, but with an extraordinary load of American hops. Instead, they are not as bitter as an American IPA because hops are used primarily for flavoring.Micro IPAs also have a low alcohol volume. Most do not exceed 3 ABVV. If all these characteristics are familiar to you, you are right. You already drank this beer before.

Micro IPA

A micro IPA is nothing more than an IPA session, but with a new name to sell more Project a more modern positioning We do not know with certainty the motivation. This trend from the United States has also contaminated the Iberian Peninsula. Some Spanish microbreweries have not taken long to change the name of their IPA sessions. Let's see a couple of national examples:rios:

  • Castelló Beer Factory - Atomic Micro IPA: 2.7 of alcohol with lactose, wheat and oats..
  • La Pirata in collaboration with Cervecera Peninsula - Flyweight: The winners of the last edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival have come together to create this IPA of 2 alcohol with oats and wheat as well as Enigma, Loral and Citra hops. It only has 25 IBUs It is or is not an IPA sessionPA?

Micro IPA

There are more international examples especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, but these two are quite representative of the concept. Now, if we are realistic, we will realize thate the majority of IPA sessions that we find in the market do not drop below 3-4 alcoholl. In fact, some reach and exceed 5 ABV when it shouldn't..

In these terms, we can understand the micro IPAs as a reaction to the high alcohol IPA sessions. For making any real difference,most commercial micro IPA references have less alcohol than session. We can understand the micro or nano phenomenon as a session or double session. Otherwise, there are no more noticeable differences.ptibles.

This response from the manufacturers gives us a clue to warn where the craft beer market will move in the future:tasty, aromatic, but low-alcohol beers. The specialized consumer does not seek to get drunk, but to drink beer without suffering the effects of alcohol. And the greater the stylistic variety, the better!!

Micro IPA

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