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¿Qué es la cerveza artesanal? | Install Beer

What is craft beer?

The craft label has quickly spread throughout the Spanish beer sector. In this sense, it is not surprising that companies of all kinds try to introduce themselves in this concept in order to attract new customers. Although craft beer is a translation from English craft beer, it is also not exactly accurate. It could even be translated as creative beer. In addition, alson you have to distinguish between craft brewers and independent brewers.

Cerveza Artesana

Days ago,AECAI Spanish Association of Independent Craft Brewerss) It launched a seal to identify its partners and defend itself against the intrusion of third-party brands that do not comply with its philosophy. The requirements for this are:

  • Production less than 5,000,000 liters per year.
  • Do not use ingredients other than barley and / or wheat malt as a source of starch in order to reduce production processes.
  • Independence from any large beer group.

Cerveza Artesana

Through these three points we can come to an approximation of what craft beer means in Spain. However, it is not a perfect definition¿What happens when a craft brewery is sold to a large group? ¿It ceases to be artisanal even if it maintains the processes This question, which has been around for a long time, is the subject of endless debates..

However,within independent breweries, a microbrewery is not the same as a consolidated brewery. There is little point in encompassing the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company California, USA - which has a production volume equal to or greater than Mahou or Cruzcampo - with a small rural workshop with a capacity of 5,000 liters. Although the processes are similar in principle, Sierra Nevada has more resources at its disposal to carry them out.o.

Cerveza Artesana

On the other side, we find theexperimental microphones from industrial breweries. This is the case of Mahou's Brewhub in Córdoba or La Fábrica de Cruzcampo in Málaga. These are pilot plants where large groups carry out tests and innovations on a small scale. Of course, they have the latest technology, expert staff that in some cases comes from the artisan world and a disruptive vocation. It is in these plants where they later make custom beers to present in competitions.

Therefore, when tasting a beer, we must keep in mind the context in which it was produced. Although this in no way serves to justify spoiled or contaminated products, it does allow us to understand why some batches are more regular than others or why some beers are more expensive than others. The resources that the company has, and how it carries out its processes, influence the final result.

Cerveza Artesana

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