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¿Qué cervezas sin gluten se elaboran en España? | Install Beer

What gluten-free beers are made in Spain?

Until a few years ago, people with diabetes were unable to consume beer. Ourcereal-based drink contains gluten among other nutrients. Before, gluten intolerant people had to reject beer in typical social moments like having a beer. It seemed that the manufacturers did not care about the diabetic consumer segment, but everything changed from 2006. In that year, Estrella Damm launched its Daura product,, the first gluten-free beer in Spain. This marked a before and after in the interaction of the national beer sector with the group of celiacs.

We must bear in mind that many of the people who cannot consume gluten, did like to drink beer before learning about their celiac disease. Thanks to theinnovation in the beer sector, now they return to recover that small pleasure of life.

Cerveza sin gluten

After Estrella Damm's gluten-free beer, Ámbar came in 2008 Why Ámbar is relevant in the equation The Zaragoza brewery went further: it createdó the world's first gluten-free and alcohol-free beer in 2011. From then on, all the major beer groups offer at least one gluten-free beer: Cruzcampo, Mahou, Estrella Galicia, etc. In all cases they are versions of their flagships.

The main way to make a gluten-free beer isapply enzymes that degrade this compound present in barley, wheat, rye and oats. A priori, the procedure is simple, although it requires strict control. The process does not alter the flavors or aromas of the beer, but it doesreduces foam consistency.

Cerveza sin gluten

Of course, craft brewers are no stranger to this new reality, and have also launched their gluten-free beers. Here are some of the most recognized:

  • As Cervesa Artesana - Wallace American Blond Ale
  • Bidassoa Basque Brewery - Hoppy Pale Ale
  • Birra & amp; Blues - Double Malta Belgian Blonde Ale
  • Byra - Engel Helles
  • Herringbone - Blonde Ale
  • Guineu - Dr. Calypso IPA
  • La Calavera - The Walking Coelics American Pale Ale
  • The Pirate - Suria American Pale Ale
  • La Quince - God Save the Hoppy Blonde Ale
  • The Virgin - Madrid Lager
  • Lo Vilot - Zatec Belgian Pale Ale
  • Marina - Alta Pale Ale
  • Menduiña - Loira Rye Lager
  • Nomad - Petricor India Pale Ale / Lager

It wouldn't be strange that,over time, most microbreweries offer at least one gluten-free beer. Diabetics are also very brewers.

Cerveza sin gluten

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