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Nuevas tecnologías en la elaboración y el dispensado de cerveza | Install Beer

New technologies in beer brewing and dispensing

Although mankind has brewed beer since the beginning of time, processes have changed throughout history in order tooptimize production and improve end result. Consequently, breweries today have high-tech facilities where errors no longer depend on the machine.

One of the big problems for brewers is the oxidation of beer. In the spirit of solving this question, machinery manufacturers offerisobaric fermenters. That is, the beer does not come into contact with the air until it reaches the final consumer. This prevents the liquid from rusting.

Tecnologia de la cerveza

However, there is still another undesirable element that brewers need to overcome: light. Although traditional bottles are tinted to prevent light from generating unpleasant aromas and flavors in beer, they are not so opaque as to protect it. Instead, the can is presented as the ideal solution.The can has all the advantages of a beer barrel with a reduced volume. If the can had not had a good reputation in the past because it could give a metallic taste to beer, today the technology applied to the beer can has changed. The cans now have an internal silicone coating, so that liquid and metal are separated.

Tecnologia de la cerveza

In turn, computer systems have led to an improvement in brewing. Computers allow you to automate certain processes even on a small scale. In this line, the machines have sensors that allow not only to measure, but also to regulate beer values. Producers have more facilities than ever to parameterize and monitor production. As the beer sector grows, this technology becomes cheaper and more accessible to small manufacturers. In parallel they have appearedcomputer programs aimed at designing recipes, which are used by both professional brewers and home brewers.

Nor should we forgetcommitment to the environment. Innovation in the beer sector is moving towards sustainability. More and more breweries integrate systems aimed at reducing energy consumption. The use of heat and water are the two main axes of this vision that advocates reducing the environmental footprint.

Tecnologia de la cerveza

Regarding beer dispensers,beer taps for individuals are presented as the prevailing trend. There is an increasing offer of dispensers designed for the home. Anyone can enjoy a beer shooter at home without requiring the robust installation of a bar. Many of these taps in turn include coolers. In fact, in other countries they experience hopping during service, a technology similar to the Sierra Nevada torpedo, but incorporated into the tap.

Sophistication does not cease when it comes to brewing and dispensing beer. This trade, even in its most artisan aspect, benefits from thetechnological innovations to produce better beer and more optimally.

Tecnologia de la cerveza

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