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Los mejores maridajes con cerveza para el verano (II) | Install Beer

The best beer pairings for the summer (II)

If in the previous post we covered the pairings with lager family beers -low fermentation- and acidic in general, this time we are going to focus on the vastworld of ale beers -high fermentation-. The summer heat is also an excellent excuse to turn your gaze towards the more moderate ale. Of course, we leave imperial stout, quadrupel and barley wine aside. Those are beers for winter and cold nights.In summer we look for light, refreshing and low alcohol beers. Now, this does not mean that they are beers without personality. Next we are going to propose you beers with character that pair with some succulent dishes.

Maridaje cerveza
  • Pale ale: In this subset we include pale ale -English and American-, session ale and in general any IPA that is not very peggy. For example,, The IPA sessions have all the flavor and aroma of the hops, but they are more contained in alcohol and moderate in bitterness. These types of beers go well with spicy food, and what better than a good tray of nachos with your favorite salsa and jalapeños if you like spicy. Within the Spanish gastronomy, ideal with some pickled mussels or a Galician octopus with good paprika.
  • Wheat beers: Both Belgian-style wheat beers and German classics are a more than adequate solution to liven up the summer. Perhaps those of the French-speaking country are more suitable for theirspicy, citric and effervescent character. On the other hand, the German classics are moreheavy and corpulent. When pairing, we can choose fish with a salty touch such as cod and even accompany these beers with green leafy salads and cheese.
  • Ales with fruit: In the world of craft beer, it is increasingly common to find blondes -golden or blonde- with the addition of fresh fruits such as strawberries, mango or peach among many others. Thisintensifies its refreshing power and its sweetness. Consequently they will harmonize well with salty food such as a barbecue based on bacon and sausages.
Maridaje cerveza

Although more and more brewersthey label their seasonal summer editions as summer alee”The truth is that these do not have strictly defined characteristics beyond the low alcohol content, pale appearance and the addition of some spice. In any case, the regular styles of the year offer us satisfactory pairing possibilities to enjoy our favorite drink in the months where it most appeals.

Maridaje cerveza
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