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Los mejores maridajes con cerveza para el verano | Install Beer

The best beer pairings for the summer

Beer intake multiplies with the arrival of high temperatures.Summer is the season of the year with the highest consumption of beer per capita. In this sense, summer makes us opt for lighter, less alcoholic beers and, ultimately, with a high refreshing power. There are different styles that fit this typology, and which also improve significantly with the proper gastronomic pairing. Let's see some proposals to combat the heat.

Maridaje Cerveza

  • Lager blondes. Whether you opt for a Czech pilsen or a German helles, there is a simple proposal that combines perfectly. It's really easy to prepare. On some fries, which can be bagged or frying pan, add a splash of Valentina sauce -or other spicy sauce of Mexican cut- and squeeze lemon on top. It is super simple, and we already warn you that it is addictive. But why do they work so well?? Beer gives us sweetness of malts and bitterness of hops, while spicy, sour and salty come from the seasoned potatoes. You have all the possible flavors in this combination.
  • Low-grade dark lager. In this section we include bock, dunkel and schwarzbier beers that do not exceed the alcoholic volume. Who said that dark beers are only for the winter? Because of their clean and malty character, these beers are great for pairing a grill.. Combine caramel and roasted malts with smoked meat and vegetables. The result of this combination is spectacular. This would be an affinity pairing, since there is no great contrast.

Maridaje Cerveza

  • Acid beers. Here you have a choice: Belgian lamps with or without fruit, modern berliner weisse or sour. The spectrum of acidic beers is very wide, and also offers possibilities for all budgets. In this case, a good pairing would be with some type of frying. For example, in the company of a portion of squid a la romana.The acidity of these beers allows to clean the mouth of oilte. So, the batter will not saturate the experience.

As you can see, lager beers offer very wide pairing possibilities. Partly thanks to itspure and free profile of the esters and phenols associated with high fermentationón. In parallel, acidic beers are also an ally against hot days and combine wonderfully with fatty foods. You dare to try any of the above combinations.s?

Maridaje Cerveza

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