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Los mejores maridajes con cerveza | Install Beer

The best beer pairings

Accompanying the drink with an aperitif is common in the country of the tapa. There is an obvious connection between beer and the food with which we drink it. Knowing the properties of beer, we call this relationshippairing. Pairing is combining a drink with a meal based on its characteristics to enhance the sensations of both elements. Thus we achieve greater joint fulfillment than separately. In the case of beer, there are a series of more or less effective pairings for each style, always taking into account the benefits of beer. Let's look at a few examples:

Maridaje con cerveza

  • Lager or Pale Ale beers work great with typical snacks like cold cuts, fries, olives or nuts. Classic combinations are a hit if you don't want to eat your head.a.
  • Acidic styles like lam beers offer a very interesting double pairing. In contrast, we can pair them with meat and fatty foods such as pate; while, by affinity, pickled gherkins are a curious alternative.
  • The roasted and caramelized flavors of toasted Doppelbock and Ale blend well with goat or brie cheeses.
  • In general, wheat beers enhance their fruity profile if we take them with bananas.
  • Dark beers such as Porter or Stout intensify their brown character when we combine them with chocolate or other cacao sweets. These styles with such toasted malts are often used to accompany desserts, but are also associated with tasty dishes such as beef jerky or oxtail.
  • Indian-style Pale Ale beers enhance the flavor experience when tasted with spicy dishes or seafood.
  • Smoked beers are a great choice for grills, whether it's meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Nor should we overlook themusical pairings, a new trend in vogue. For example, we identify the properties of more malt beer with bass and more hoppy beers with treble.

Maridaje con cerveza

More and more brewers are thinking of producing enough beer styles to pair a complete meal from start to finish. The same happens in the specialized premises, which no longer only organize tastings and beer pairings, always taking into account the benefits of beer, but also propose dinners and menus that integrate the pairing within a careful gastronomic selection.

In the end, it's aboutexperience which beers we like best according to what food. Although here we present some examples, not all people have the same tastes, so it is up to you to find the perfect pairing.

Esquema sabores cerveza

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