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Los grandes grupos cerveceros fagocitan a las microcerveceras | Install Beer

Large beer groups engulf microbreweries

The boom in craft beer has generated a small market that in Spain is around 1 in national beer consumption, but that in other countries such as United States reaches quotas of 13%. Craft beer is a new product that brings with it a regeneration of values in terms of branding compared to industrial-style beer.

Cerveza Artesana

This situation has not gone unnoticed by the large multinationals that have undoubtedly extended their influence. Today,most large beer groups own micro-factories both within and outside their territory. This phenomenon also reaches Spain. La Sagra belongs to Molson Coors. The giant ABInbev bought La Virgen. Even within our territory, Mahou San Miguel managed the operation in which he acquired Nomad and Founders. In turn, the Heineken group participated mainly in La Cibeles, which together with Lagunitas forms its most craft portfolio.

¿Why beer groups invest so many resources in a niche that today only represents a 1 The truth is thate the numbers of craft beer do not stop growing year after year in a dizzying way. In this sense, the forecasts are very optimistic. It is time to position yourself, and the big multinationals know it. It is possible that not all the actions that now undertake are profitable immediately, but when in a few years the market has consolidated, then they will leave with a significant advantage.

Cerveza Artesana

¿What are the negative repercussions of the acquisition of microbreweries by multinational companies? In relation to the consumer, there is a risk that the product will change. It is common for the multinational to impose its suppliers on these small breweries in order to reduce costs. This directly affects the properties of the beer. Typically, flagship references lose their special touch. Also,the logistics behind a craft beer is much more delicate than in the case of an industrial beer, and this is not always taken into account. Craft beer needs cold transport, cannot be exposed to light, and the expiration date tends to narrow. Unfortunately they do not always treat the product with the care it requires.

Beyond the philosophical connotations that the independence of microbreweries has, there are a number of factors that have not yet been corrected by large groups and that fully affect craft beer as a joint brand.

Cerveza Artesana

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