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Los 4 ingredientes de la cerveza que deberías conocer | Install Beer

The 4 ingredients of beer you should know

Since the beginning of time, mankind has brewed beer. Although the recipe for this drink has undergone modifications, they used fruit to ferment and replaced hops with different combinations of herbs. However, today we have a series of ingredients common to any beer.. Water, barley malt, hops and yeast are the basis of this drink.


Most of the beer is water. So we drink it to hydrate when we are thirsty. The proportion of water in beer is around 95. We understand, therefore, that water is a key element in beer making. Minerals and acidity determine whether the type of water is suitable for processing. In fact, each style of beer has water associated with specific characteristics. Thus, Pilsen beers need little mineralized water, while for Stouts we prefer more calcareous waters..

Beer Water


Malt is a product of barley. We germinate the cereal to later stop the process and thus obtain the enzymes that make the sugars in the barley fermentable. Consequently, the malt supplies the beer with the sugars necessary for the yeast to convert them into alcohol. Also, the malt is responsible for the sweetness of the beer. There are many types of malt more or less toasted. Each one gives different flavors and aromas: caramel, bread, pastries, coffee, chocolate, etc. Brewers use the combination of base malt with specialty malts to achieve the desired result. This combination together with the roasting of the malts is responsible for the final color of the beer. It is also not unusual to use other cereals that accompany the malt such as wheat, oats or rye.

Beer Malt


This plant is a natural preservative. From the cannabis family, its cones are added to beer to protect it from fungi and bacteria. In addition, hops transmit beer their aromatic power and fruit, citrus, herbal flavors, etc. The hops offer a feeling of freshness. Of course, the hops give the beer the characteristic bitterness of this drink.

Beer Hops


This microorganism is in charge of fermenting the beer must. It consumes the fermentable sugars and transforms them into gas and alcohol. If it is not filtered, it can cause turbidity in the beer as it happens with some craft beers. To taste, the yeast has a spicy to spicy flavor.

Beer Yeast

Today there are factories that add exotic ingredients such as fruit, coffee or chocolate to beer. This series ofattachments contribute to sophistication of the drink. In parallel, large beer corporations substitute part of the malt for other cheaper cereals such as rice, sorghum and corn. However, water, barley malt, hops and yeast are the true ingredients common to any beer.

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