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Homebrew, an increasingly professional hobby

In the last thirty years, the history of beer, a hobby has occupied the kitchens and garages of more and more homes in Spain. Homebrew has spread among beer lovers. Many homebrewers started brewing with a few pots and a ladle to stir. Today, all of this has changed. Homebrew has evolved. Now there are betterteams, quality raw materials and training. The consequence of this development is the professionalization of homebrewers, creating the best craft beers.

Most, if not all, small factories have been powered by a brewer who started out as a homebrewer. Others of these passionate about beer have chosen to openbusiness like breweries, brewpubs,shops and distributors.

In Spain, theAssociation of Spanish Home Brewers ACCEE) was born in 2009 to resolve the uncertainty that existed until then about homebrew. On its official website, the association explains that its objectives are to promote the production of homemade and craft beer, to promote a quality beer culture betting on the diversity of styles, its history and the quality of raw materials, the benefits of beer, as well as developing activities related to our hobby.”.

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It is no coincidence that five years later, in 2014, theSpanish Association of Independent Artisan Brewers AECAII). We note that the number of microbreweries increased by 1,600 between 2008 and 2015. This trend is a symptom of the evolution that homebrewers have experienced when opening their own factories. In recent years, many homebrewers have created companies, the origin of craft beer. Homebrewers have become professional..

Not only has ACCE encouraged homebrewing. Brewing at home cannot be understood without the digital community and all the content that users create around this hobby.Blogs such as, Cerveza Rudimentaria, Hanselbier and BirroCracia, among others, constitute a source of knowledge and news. When it comes to video tutorials, we found "Beer Day" on YouTube, one of the most followed channels on how to brew beer at home.

Also, it is worth highlighting the book“Craft beer: how to make beer at home” published by Albert Tintó, Francisco Sánchez, Jose Manuel Vidal, Pablo Vijande in 2004, five years before the founding of the ACCE. Perhaps it is one of the most read manuals on homebrewing in Spain. With this work, the authors knew how to respond quickly to the new beer trends.

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Today, there is no shortage of shops or factories that offer courses and workshops to learn how to brew at home. The market responds to a growing and increasingly professional demand. The ingredients to make beer, now it is easy to get the most extraordinary hops, malts and yeasts; good in storeshomebrew or through e-commerce.

In fact, this professionalization has led many factories to work with homebrewers to craft their recipes. It is a new line of business. This is the seed of what is known as nomadic brewers: brewers without their own factory that produce in other people's facilities.

Now, brewing at home offers unlimited possibilities for professionalization. The trend is to progress. Homebrewers can make their hobby a job and even a business, and those who choose to stay home have the resources to brew the best beer in the world in their garage or kitchen, always looking for the best craft beer ingredients and benefits. of beer.

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