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El sector cervecero crece en España | Install Beer

The beer sector grows in Spain

Brewers of Spain, the national association that brings together the main beer companies in the country, has published the socioeconomic report referring to the 2018 financial year. The trend is positive for the agents involved.90 of the beer consumed in Spain is also produced within our borderss. This translates tothe beer sector accounts for 1.3 of the gross domestic producto.

Regarding consumption, it has increased and already exceeds40 million hectoliters, 1.5 more than in 20177. In this sense, the average per capita stands at 52 liters per year, still below the European average. Unlike in other countries, in Spain beer consumption is moderate, it is usually accompanied by other foods and it is done in a social context. Symptom of these qualities is that 2 out of 3 beers that we consume we drink outside the home. Hospitality is the main channel. Furthermore, it should be noted thatSpain continues as the European leader in the consumption of non-alcoholic beer. This healthier variety represents 13 of the total consumption..

Sector cervecero en España

Regarding sales during the 2018 financial year, Spanish brewers sold 36 million hectoliters, 1.4 more than in 2017. Of these sales, more than half are made through the HORECA channel hotels, restaurants and cafess). In fact, Andalusia and Extremadura are the areas that sell the most beer, partly thanks to tourism. The undeniable is that the bulk of sales are concentrated in the hot months. But what is the best-selling format? The glass bottle wins with a 40. The rest is distributed in cans and barrels in similar percentages. Of all the packaging,s, 45 is reusablee.

Sector cervecero en España

Looking at production, Spanish brewers produced 38.4 million hectoliters of beer, 2.2 more beer than in 2017. Of this total, three companies Mahou-San Miguel, Heineken and Damm concentrate 88 of the productionión. Within Europe, Spain is the fourth country with the highest volume of production thanks to its538 breweries, 18 more companies than in 2017.

If we look at the figures, we see the growth of the Spanish beer sector in the last year. The figures could be expected to increase in 2019. We must point out the lethargy when creating new breweries. Fewer new microbreweries appear. Instead,, many remain and increase their production volumes. This phenomenon translates into the consolidation of the sector.

Sector cervecero en España

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