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El correcto mantenimiento de los tiradores de cerveza | Install Beer

Proper maintenance of beer shooters

In the brewing world, the great importance of good cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of the material for brewing is well known, but it should not be forgotten thatthe process does not end with the bottling or bottling but with its dispensing at the bar, taproom, brewpub, etc. for consumption by the client and this last part is not always given all the importance it deserves.

Thereforekeeping beer lines clean is critical so that the product we serve has not been affected by the dirt and yeast deposits during the journey until its dispensation.

Limpieza y mantenimiento de cerveza

¿And how often the lines must be cleaned We recommend that the more the better, but keep in mind that when cleaning there are always losses that will depend on the distance of the line and the coil, from the barrel to the tap. And it will also vary depending on the installation, if the barrels are in the chamber, the amount of beer served, etc..

Therefore, based on the installation you have, you will have to decidewhat is the right time to clean the installation according to what we have commented. One of the most widely used methods is bycleaning tank either plastic orstainless steel, the function is like that of a barrel and the system is very practical and simple. You can always consult ourinstruction manual with cleaning tank.

The ultimate goal is to take care and make sure thatthe product we serve maintains quality and is served in the best conditions, just as you would like the beer to be served to the products that you put so much care during its elaboration.

Limpieza y mantenimiento de cerveza

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