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El consumo de cerveza artesanal crece en Catalunya | Install Beer

Craft beer consumption grows in Catalonia

The organizing company of the Barcelona Beer Festival, together with the GECAN Craft and Natural Beer Manufacturers Guild, have published for the third consecutive year thel socioeconomic report on the craft beer sector in Catalonia. Another germ of the report is the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat of Catalonia; and it shows that so many new factories no longer appear, but the existing ones are reinforced.

Said report collects the data corresponding to the 2018 financial year. During the last year we verified thatproduction has increased by 20 compared to 20177. The local sector has produced 4.8 million liters compared to 4 million the previous year. This increase occurs in a context of project consolidation, as only two new production centers have been created compared to 2017. In other words, artisanal factories are making more and more beer. If we divide it by factories, the average of liters / year is 51,300 liters. Furthermore it should be noted that only7 factories concentrate 42 of the craft beer production in Cataloniaa.

Cervesa Catalunya

Regarding the market value of craft beer in Catalonia, 43 million euros is the figure. This results in a1.8 market share within the beer marketo. In other words, 1 in 50 spent on beer goes to a microbrewery. The data grows if we compare it with 1.3 in 2017 and 1 in 2016.16.

Regarding sectoral employment, it has created64 new jobs during the last year. Of these, half are related to production. In this sense, most craft brewers already have a master brewer production manager and a sales director commercial manager on their

Cervesa Catalunya

If we put the magnifying glass on the variety, in 2018 there were 1,058 different craft beers produced in Catalonia. In other words, each microbrewery offers an average of 12 different products, among which special editions are relevant. Also,43 of the producers age their beers in barrels and 13 factories already pack in cansa.

It is clear that the beer sector does not stop growing in Catalonia year after year, because it isone of the regions of Spain where the artisan movement began. Looking ahead to the coming years, an increase in both production and market share could be expected, but for this, producers need to simplify tax and health procedures.

Cervesa Catalunya

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