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Directorio: Turismo cervecero por Madrid, descubre las fábricas de la capital | Install Beer

Directory:Beer tourism in Madrid, discover the factories of the capital

Madrid is a national benchmark when it comes to beer tourism. The capital of Spainhosts around 70 craft beer producers, although not all of them have a factory owned. A significant part are nomads. In other words, they make their beers in the facilities of other producers. This natural symbiosis allows, on the one hand, low-income brewers to experience their recipes without taking on the risks involved in their own factory. On the other hand, it allows factory owners to make a return on their investment.

Cerveza Artesana Madrid

Although some of the best Madrid beers have a nomadic team behind them, in this post we propose alist of the Madrid brewers whom you can visit in their factories and even drink and eat there. Let's not forget that one of the characteristics of beer is that it tastes better when we drink it from its origin, since it is a product that deteriorates with transport and the passage of time. In order for you to enjoy the craft beer of Madrid in all its splendor, we propose the following list of factories to visit in alphabetical order.

  • Dancer: Brewery in Bustarviejo.
  • CCVK Khas Valley Brewing Companys): factory in the Vallecas neighborhood with taproom.
  • Peninsula Brewery: factory in Alcobendas with taproom.
  • Craft Brewers of Madrid: factory in Pinto.
  • Enigma Beers: factory in Alcalá de Henares.
  • La Cibeles Beers: factory in Leganés.
  • La Virgen Beers: factory with taproom and restaurant in Las Rozas, in addition to several of its own premises in the city of Madrid.
  • Leoncia beers: factory in Collado Villalba with taproom.
  • Villa de Madrid beers: factory in Rivas-Vaciamadrid with taproom.
  • Wonders Factory: brewpub in Madrid's Malasaña neighborhood.
  • Barge: organic brewery in Mataelpino.
  • La Pedriza: factory in Manzanares El Real.
  • Verbena: factory in Valdemoro.
  • Mad Brewing: factory in the city of Madrid with taproom and restaurant.
  • Martínez Palacios: factory in Alcorcón.
  • Calvins Squares: brewpub in Pozuelo de Alarcón.
  • The One Beer: factory in Getafe.
  • Viking Bad: mead factory in Ajalvir.

Cerveza Artesana Madrid

¡You will not get bored of visiting craft beer factories in Madrid!Most organize visits, tastings and courses for fans. Whether you are from Madrid or not, they will welcome you with open arms so that you can enjoy the best local beer. You can even organize a zoned route and meet the people behind your favorite beer. In any case, you will surely not be thirsty in Madrid.

Cerveza Artesana Madrid

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