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¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre NEIPA, Hazy IPA, Milkshake IPA y Juicy IPA? | Install Beer

What are the differences between NEIPA, Hazy IPA, Milkshake IPA and Juicy IPA?

In recent years, a number of variations around the IPA style have become fashionable. It is becoming more and more common to see big colorful cans with names like NEIPA, Hazy IPA, Milkshake IPA or Juicy IPA, but what do all these terms mean? Before we will see what they have in common. They are alln high-fermentation beers with lots of hops, including several subsequent additions of dry hopping, and an alcoholic strength higher than 5. They are deliberately tasty and aromatic beers with special emphasis on the fruit nuances of hops. They offer an overall light-colored body. Furthermore, given its hyper-hopped character, they are very perishable beers that are best consumed fresh.

Cerveza IPA

A Hazy IPA is -as its name suggests- a cloudy IPA. It has no more mystery. The producer can make a cloudy or crystalline looking IPA. To obtain a cloudy IPA, you can use significant percentages of oats and wheat in the mash, as well asspecial yeasts that remain in suspension and consecutive additions of dry hopping. Therefore, Hazy IPA only indicates that it is a cloudy IPA with body.

Now a NEIPA New England IPA is still a Hazy IPA, but it doese special emphasis on a yeast with little attenuation / flocculation. For example, Vermont Ale yeast from The Yeast Bay or London Ale III from Wyeast. It is a style that was born on the east coast of the United States, and therefore uses varieties of American hops and also of the new varieties grown in Oceania. Paradigm of this style is Heady Topper beer from the American brewer The Alchemist, located in Vermont.

Cerveza IPA

Regarding the Milkshake IPA, the name is a false friend. They are not a smoothie and they don't have a smoothie either. They receive this name because they contain lactose.. Lactose is a non-fermentable sugar from milk, and it provides a creamy yet sweet body to beer.. Some manufacturers also add fruit - either in the form of puree or juice - and even spices such as vanilla. In this sense, the Milkshake IPAs are related to theJuicy IPA, to which fruit juice is added to enhance this character.

It is clear that brewers like to play around with the IPA concept and introduce novelties to modern styles. In the case of NEIPA, Hazy IPA, Milkshake IPA and Juicy IPA it is clear that they have been successful not only among the most geeks, but also amongs new consumers given its ease of drinking and its pleasant fruity character. It is enough to enter a brewery or a specialized store to check the good acceptance of these new IPAs.

Cerveza IPA

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