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Receta de cerveza: ¿Cuáles son las claves de una receta para elaborar una Brut IPA? | Install Beer

Beer recipe:What are the keys to a recipe to make a Brut IPA?

If the current market is mostly dominated by the Indian Pale Ale family,Brut IPA is the latest trend. American brewers and brewers around the globe have launched in unison to produce this eye-catching style in recent months. After the phenomenon of the cloudy NEIPA, now it is the turn of the Brut IPA.

The latest fashion in the beer sectorit takes its name from champagne, since it shares its characteristic dryness with it. Both drinks have in common a low content of residual sugars. This translates into a contained or non-existent sweetness. At the same time, the body of the Brut IPA is light, since the yeast has transformed most of the sugar into gas and alcohol. It is an IPA where hops gain prominence. The consequence is a drinkable beer without the heaviness that can be provided by barley malt, wheat or oats.

Brut Ipa

As for its origin, the Brut IPA stylewas born in San Francisco by the Social Kitchen & amp; Brewery, and the key to its elaboration is found in an enzyme that is capable of converting most of the non-fermentable sugars into fermentables. This is how it facilitates the work for yeasts. This process is known as attenuation.

In this case,the enzymes used are called glucoamylases. Its use is simple. They are added during maceration in a temperature range between 40ºC and 65ºC so that the yeasts then consume all the sugar. Yes, it is an additional ingredient to beer, which in fact some brewers use in styles of high alcohol content. However, it is not the only peculiar ingredient that we find in a Brut IPA. Some producers also use rice and corn with the aim of obtaining a lighter and less forceful beer than if they only added barley malt.

Brut Ipa

Despite its increasing popularity,not yet listed in the Beer Judge Certification Program BJCP guideP). This does not prevent a modest number of producers in Spain from launching their elaborations of this Atlantic style. Some of them are Fuck Gravity Brut IPA by Wylie Brewery, Starz in your eyes by Jakobsland, Fancy Desire by Espiga, Brut Reynols by Basqueland Brewing, Northern Brut by La Pirata, Social Jetlag by Naparbier, Pomp & amp; Edge Brewing's Circumstance or As Cervesa's Extra Brut IPA Series.

If you have not yet tried any or want to jump into its preparation, you already know that the secret is in the enzyme glucoamylases. Come to the light side of the beer!!

Brut Ipa

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