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Cronología de la cerveza artesanal en España | Install Beer

Chronology of craft beer in Spain

The origin of craft beer in Spain is born with the arrival of the new millennium. It is from 2000 when a hotbed of homebrewers decided to professionalize their hobby, and founded companies for this purpose.In 2008, in Spain there were 20 craft brewers compared to the more than 480 with which 2018 begins. The number of microbreweries between 2008 and 2014 increased by 1,400 in Spain compared to 110 in the United Kingdom and 140 in Italy. However, the United Kingdom had 670 microbreweries in 2008 and Italy with 200. Spain was slow to join this trend.ia.

We turn to the newspaper archive to understand when the history of craft beer becomes relevant in popular culture. The first time that El País, one of the most widely read newspapers in Spain, dedicated one of its digital pieces to craft beer is in 2012. A list of eight small-production beers appeared in the El Viajero section under the subtitle«They are beers with an ecological vocation, which are distinguished by their careful preparation and the purity of the raw material». Also in 2012 we found a theme that presents La Virgen and La Cibeles as the new beers in Madrid.

Regarding proper names that have contributed to the development of beer in Spain, it is worth mentioningBoris de Mesones, who has been working in the sector for 25 years. He has written two books that are free on the Internet and provide the foundation for most current brewers:How to start a microbreweryandElaboration process. Boris de Mesones is a brewmaster, professor and judge in prestigious international championships. As a consultant, he has participated in the San Frutos, Mica, Arriaca and Villa de Madrid microbreweries, among others.

Historia de la cerveza

For his part, the eminenceSteve Huxley boosted craft beer in Catalonia. The English author of the bookBeer ... Liquid poetry. A manual for cervesiaphiles He passed away in October 2015, but his legacy remains very present. In addition to being a brewer, he founded the Steve Beer Academy in Barcelona; where he was a teacher. The newspaper El Mundo interviewed him for its digital edition in 2008, before the term craft beer was consolidated.e.

Following the development of the origin of craft beer, in 2014 the Spanish Association of Independent Craft Brewers was born(AECAI) with the aim of defining, promoting and defending the craft beer sector and its associates, according to its website. Domus, La Sagra, La Virgen, La Cibeles, Dawat, San Frutos and Arriaca are the founding brewers of the AECAI. The association, which has 44 registered brewers, establishes a maximum annual production volume of five million liters and limits the use of ingredients to define craft beer. In Catalonia there is also thea GECAN (Gremi d'Elaboradors de Cervesa Artesana i Natural), the non-profit association that was born in 2010 and defends, disseminates and promotes the sector.

In the field of law, theRoyal Decree 678/2016, of December 16, defines craft beer manufacturing as a process that is fully developed in the same facility and in which personal intervention is the predominant factor, under the direction of a master brewer or artisan with demonstrable experience and prioritizing in its manufacture the human factor over the mechanical, obtaining an individualized final result, which does not occur in large series.».

Fábrica de cerveza

Neither the AECAI, GECAN, nor the socioeconomic report that Cerveceros de España publishes each year offers figures related to the consumption, sales and production of Spanish craft beer. We have to resort to the latest report published by theInformal DBK Sector Observatory in 2017. The craft beer sector in Spain produced about 20 million liters in 2017 compared to almost 15 million in 2016. 2016 turnover reached 45 million euros, compared to 26 million in 2015 and 15 million in 2014. In April 2017, 480 companies dedicated to the manufacture of craft beer in Spain operated. That is, 90 more than in 2015.

The craft beer sector has been slow to take root in Spain when compared to the boom of the 1970s in the USA or the explosion of Italian microbreweries in the 1990s. The history of beer in Spain imitates the tradition of other countries . For example, thea Assured Independent British Craft Brewer from the UK inspired the AECAI. However, the progression is undoubted.


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