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Cómo elaborar una IPA en casa: receta fácil | Install Beer

How to make an IPA at home:easy recipe

More and more people are starting to produce homemade beer in their kitchen. This hobby also known as homebrew gains followers year after year. Although from the outside it may seem complicated, this activity is quite simple AND we make it easy for you! If you have never brewed homemade beer, you have nothing to worry about. Let's explain how to cook your first IPA, the trendy hoppy style among the most brewers.

Receta cerveza IPA

The ingredients are simple, and you can buy them at any specialized store. In this case we are going to do an IPA with a single malt and a single hops. For this we will need2.5 KG of Pale malt and 50 grams of hops Cascade plus brewer's yeast. In this way we will get around10 liters of beer with 5.5 alcohol and moderate bitterness close to 50 IBUU. If you are expecting a super hoppy, bitter and complex IPA, this is not your recipe. Instead, here you will find all the ingredients to achieve your first IPA, which will also be very easy to drink.

Starts onmaceration of the grain with 7.5 liters of water for an hour and a half at 67ºC. Then proceed tograin washing with 9 liters of water. In this way we obtain the must from which our beer will be. Now we have the mission ofboil that wort for an hour. It will be in this phase where we will use hops at different times. We add 25 grams of hops when the boil starts. Again, we will add 13 grams of hops in half an hour. We will use the remaining 12 grams when there are five minutes left to finish cooking. In this waywe distribute bitterness, flavor and aroma.

Receta cerveza IPA

The next process is fermentation. So we have toquickly cool the beer to a temperature of 25ºC and transfer it to a fermenter where we will inoculate the yeast. Under these conditions the beer will ferment forfifteen days at a temperature close to 20ºC. After this time, we will proceed tobottle beer with 5 grams of sugar per liter to obtain its characteristic CO2 gas. It will rest like this for a month, where the first two weeks will remain at 20ºC, while the remaining fifteen days will ripen at 5ºC to make it perfect. Then you can start drinking it!!

Of course, this recipe is all grain. You can also prepare your IPA with malt concentrates, as you will find in the marketkits with all the basics to prepare your first beer. Of course, you must bear in mind that hygiene is essential in the whole process. You have to clean all the material that comes into contact with the beer with soda. If you follow the instructions that you propose, you will get your first IPA. Then you can complicate the recipe, but before you can drink this.

Receta cerveza IPA

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