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Cómo elaborar cerveza todo grano | Install Beer

How to brew whole grain

To elaboratewhole grain homemade beer It means that we do not use malt extract, but we start from the cereal. In this sense, home production closely resembles that of professionals in their factories. The main advantage of working directly with the grain is that we can choose which malts interest us and in what proportions, in order to obtain a genuine result. In this way we are able to follow recipes and modify them.

The process begins withselection of malts. It depends on the recipe, but in general we will use a large part of base malt with a smaller part of special malts and even other cereals such as wheat, rye or oats. Special malts and other cereals will be decisive in giving our beer its own character. They will influence the final flavor, aroma and appearance; so proportion is crucial. It all starts with preparing the water or liquor in the pot(hot liquor tank) at the right temperature.

Elaboración de cerveza - Install Brew

Once we disinfect the equipment, we put the maceration bag in the container that will serve as a macerator(mash tun). You can find these types of bags in any specialized store. Next, we pour and remove in the bag the mixture of malts that we have previously weighed and ground to break the grain. We must add the volume of water indicated in the recipe, at the temperature and for the time specified. Also, we have to follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to a kit. For example, the American mash method is to subject the malt-water mixture to atemperature of 68ºC constant for one hour.

After the necessary time, we remove the mash bag and transfer the liquid to the boiling pot(boil kettle). In this step we will boil the must and add the hops. The addition of hops will vary over time depending on whether we want them to add bitterness, flavor or aroma. There arethree stages of hop addition, when bitterness begins to boil, 15 minutes before stopping the boiling flavor and once it stops boiling aroma. For this reason, it is essential to know when we should introduce each hop for the beer we want to obtain. At the end of the boil, we must cool the beer quickly. We can use a plate heat exchanger or a o un coil in a container with ice and water.

Elaboración de cerveza - Install Brew

Then we transfer the cold must to the fermenter. In this step we will add the yeast. After closing the fermenter, we put theexhaust valve or airlock. This element allows you to release theCO2 gas generated by fermentation, but prevents air from entering. Fermentation time depends on style, but there is an easy way to tell when it's done. If the valve stops bubbling, then the fermentation is complete.

The next step is to disinfect the bottles that will contain the beer. After filling them with ourproduction, we proceed to add the necessary amount of sugar(priming) to ferment again and thus generate thecharacteristic gas of beer. The last step is to plate the bottles and wait for the maturation to pass. We already have our whole grain beer! Now we just have to let them rest to enjoy them..

Elaboración de cerveza - Install Brew

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