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Craft Beer

¿What is thecraft beer?

In recent times the term has become fashionablecraft beerThousands of people have started brewing using traditional methods from small factories or in their own homes. But what is really the craft beer? Here we will try to explain what exactly iscraft beer and how it is produced, in addition to a small guide on how to serve it correctly.

Micro brewery

¿What do I need to make my owncraft beer?

The first thing you will need is to arm yourself with patience and then with the basic products for its elaboration: that is, water, barley malt, hops and finally the yeast. The second thing you will need is a large container, a pot where you can work with the ingredients and which will be the basis of our preparation. The first of the steps is to malty the barley in the pot that we are going to use in our elaboration through the germination of grains. Once we have malted the barley, we mix it with hot water until it is a dense and sweet drink. Hops are added to this liquid while it boils, then filter all this content and begin to cool it, as quickly as possible to 20 degrees. The next step is to add the yeast, for which we must leave it prepared in water from the previous day. Then we will go on to ferment everything in the same previously disinfected container and this is where the sugar from the preparation turns into beer, our owncraft beer. We will cover the preparation and keep the result in a dry and dark place for a week until it is ready. You are already a master brewer. Best way to serve beer.

There are many debates that have arisen over time about which is the best way to serve beer. The real trick is in the beer, how it's been dispensed. The best thing is without a doubt to launch the beer flow on one of the sides of the glass, letting the beer open and serve with two foam fingers to prevent it from losing strength. Beer should never be served with less than 4 degrees, since it would lose all its flavor and each beer must have its own type of glass associated, knowing which one best fits each style ofcraft beer.


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