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Botellas de vidrio y latas de aluminio: diferencias y características | Install Beer

Glass bottles and aluminum cans:differences and characteristics

Beyond the different types of barrel, glass bottle and aluminum can they fight for who it isthe ideal container for beer ¿The truth There is no definitive answer. Each format has its virtues..

Botella y lata de cerveza

Of both, the glass bottle is the oldest container. Among its main advantages, bottling is cheaper today compared to the can because bottling machines are cheaper. However, the bottle is light permeable and also quite heavy. We know thatlight impairs the taste and smell of beer due to its interaction with hops. In turn, a glass bottle that houses a third weighs 230 grams. In other words, to move 3 kilos of beer, we need to transport around 5 kilos. In this sense, the glass bottle is unsustainable for export, for example.

Instead, the glass bottle offers other advantages. Among them, it is aideal format for dark and / or alcoholic beers intended for storage and aging. When aging a beer, we always look for an evolution and a slight oxidation. The glass bottle with its crown cap allows this gas exchange in the long term. Above all, this is appreciated in large bottles of 75 centiliters and up. As a curiosity, the glass bottle takes its name from kings of the Old Testament from a certain volume. Thus we have Jeroboam, Matusalem and Nebuchadnezzar among others.

Botella y lata de cerveza

Regarding the can, it is a more recent container and offers ample advantages over the glass bottle. Not surprisingly, it is a trend that more and more breweries offer their product in this format. The candoes not allow gas exchange, is 100 opaque to light and also weighs littleo ¿It seems the definitive solution, because in reality it also has disadvantages. Apart from being more expensive due to the cost of the machinery, there is a risk that the can will inflate and explode as a result of uncontrolled re-fermentation. However, it is still the best format for beers where hops are the protagonists, since it preserves their freshness in a better way. It is even ideal for export because a 33 centiliter can only adds an additional 15 grams..

As we see, despite the benefits of the aluminum can,the glass bottle will not disappear from the market. Little by little it will be relegated to special editions with aspirations to last as it happens in the case of wines. Both cans with their striking labels and bottles with their elegant appearance will continue to fight the market for many years to come. And now you already know in which case to choose each one.

Botella y lata de cerveza

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