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Barcelona, la meca de la cerveza | Install Beer

Barcelona, the mecca of beer

Until a few years ago, Estrella Damm, Moritz and San Miguel were fighting almost alone in the Catalan hospitality industry. However, the beer sector has evolved. Today, the diversity of brands is evident in its wide gastronomic offer. Local, national and international beers All share taps, fridges and shelves..

Based on the latest data from the Health Registry, we find that the province of Barcelona hosts more than 50 breweries. Every year new companies dedicated to its production appear, a symptom of the expansion of the market. Among the most emblematic craft brewers we findEdge Brewing,Birra 08 andGarage Beer Co. The latter also has a brewpub. In other words, a place that produces and sells its own beer. The brewpubBlackLab BrewHouse also exemplifies this trend, other examples are theTeacher andNaparBCN (already closed..

Edge Brewing

Regarding breweries where you can enjoy the best and largest variety of beers, we can highlight BierCaB andBeerlinalee. Also the Scottish brewerBrewDog and the Danish brewerMikkeller they have their own bar in Barcelona. Based on this configuration, we understand that the city's beer scene has good international acceptance. The new brewery concept stands out for the rotation of its brands. It is not strange to find a different beer every few days at each tap. Consequently, each visit is unique.

The best restaurants have also echoed the craft movement, and on a daily basis they have quality beers for their diners.. Chivuoss andMosquito They are some of the restaurants that bet on including craft beer in their gastronomic offer. Other types of hospitality businesses, such as the cafeteria-bistroOMA Bistro, have joined this phenomenon that has quality beer as the protagonist.

BrewDog Bar Barcelona

Part of the Barcelona beer sector is in its stores. We find places where, in addition to buying beer for our pantry, we can taste on the spot.The beer,Llúpol flower and2D2Dspuma They are good examples of this type of business. Of course, Barcelona also has other services linked to the beer industry.Install Beer offers sale and distribution of technical material.Save marimon performs specialized technical service, whileBrew Home is dedicated to teaching courses and workshops. In terms of marketing and design,Oh my beer manages those disciplines. There are several associations of homebrewers like theMaillard Club.

The undeniable is that the city of Barcelona hosts the most massive event in the state: theBarcelona Beer Festival, which is celebrated every year in March. Without a doubt, it is a mandatory pilgrimage for beer lovers. National and international brands meet to present their products. In the hot months we also find theMash! festival September andThe Poblenou Fair, which is organized in July. In Barcelona, every month you can find a small craft beer fair in each of its districts or neighborhoods.

We understand, therefore, that Barcelona is one of the cities where the craft beer sector has developed the fastest, more and more specialized stores are opening, such asHopposite,Hoppiness,CocoVail, etc. The expansion of a new cultural concept around craft beer has taken root in Barcelona. The Catalan province is the new bastion of craft and Barcelona gains prominence on the European scene.a.

Fira del Poblenou

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