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Barcelona Beer Festival ¿Cuáles son los antecedentes? | Install Beer

Barcelona Beer Festival What is the background?

Barcelona Beer Festival is the beer event of the year in Spain. Professionals and fans from all over the globe make a pilgrimage to share pints, leisure and culture. A festival of such magnitude is not built in one day. It is the result of an evolution. The consumer has also matured. Those who previously went to discover beers, now look for specific brands to taste. However, this has not always been the case.

Barcelona Beer Festival

There was a time when craft beer was an anecdote in the collective imagination. The oligopoly formed by the big brands was the only beer reference point in popular culture. Emerging microbreweries need to build customer loyalty to a more expensive product. It is not easy. Neonatal companies often do not have a sufficient budget to develop large marketing campaigns. The alternative, then, is to make yourself known in the local market and by word of mouth.

Years ago, microbreweries saw an opportunity to show off their product in medieval and craft fairs that tour the towns of Spain. Later they were integrated into small fairs along with other foods and beverages of small production; as it happens today with mead. Little by little, the microbreweries generated a brand of craft beer in their territorial area until they held their own fairs with the arrival of good weather. At this point, we find different levels. A distinction should be made between municipal fairs, regional fairs that attract brewers from neighboring provinces, and national fairs, such as the second edition ofBeerMad, which had forty participating brewers, including the Scottish BrewDog.

Barcelona Beer Festival 2013

A step above the fairs we place the festivals. These events are distinguished for being an international meeting point. Brands from all countries bring their best beers to seduce connoisseurs and curious. Not only from beer stands these events are nurtured, but they offer a wide variety of activities such as pairings, tastings and presentations, as well as exhibitors from companies in the sector. Good music is not missing either.Barcelona Beer Festival, which held its first edition in 2012, is the leading beer festival in Spain.

Barcelona Beer Festival 2017

In 2017, the Barcelona Beer Festival reached 32,000 attendees. During the last meeting, the second edition of theBarcelona Beer Challenge, the first national contest of craft beers with a professional jury in Spain. The seventh edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival will be held in LHospitalet de Llobregat from March 16 to 18, and will bring together more than 400 different beers in the same space. The most anticipated event of the year promises not to leave anyone indifferent. It is a capital experience that improves year after year..

Barcelona Beer Festival

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