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7 beneficios de tomar cerveza que te sorprenderán | Install Beer

7 benefits of drinking beer that will surprise you

Like wine, moderate consumption of beer is also beneficial for health if accompanied by sports and a balanced diet. Beer, the fruit of cereal fermentation, is one of the few alcoholic beverages considered food. Thebeer is a natural source of nutrients. We find carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and, of course, water. In fact, throughout history, various cultures used beer as a substitute for water, since they reduced the risk of contracting diseases thanks to alcohol.

Beer Benefits

Let's see what benefits beer has for our body:

  1. Beer containsB vitaminsEssential for not feeling tired at the slightest effort. In addition, the B-group vitamins strengthen the nervous system and play a decisive role in cell regeneration.
  2. Hesilicon and other minerals containing beer are responsible for strengthening bones and thus prevent osteoporosis. This is one of the reasons that moderate consumption of non-alcoholic beer is recommended for older people and women during menopause.
  3. Thanks to the hop oils, the beer hasanti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. That is why in certain parts of Europe it translates into a remedy against colds and other small ailments.
  4. We discovered in beer afiber source. Therefore, it helps to relieve constipation andlowers cholesterol LDL, low-density cholesterol, or bad cholesterol. Beer is beneficial for your intestinal transit.
  5. Beer of coursehelps hydrate us after playing sports. It has enough water and carbohydrates to help our body to recover after overexertion. However, it should be taken without alcohol or 0.0.
  6. Beer helps cope with insomnia, given the drowsiness caused by the components of hops. That's why we get sleepy after taking a third. This anesthetic effect alson causes us to feel less stress and reduces anxiety.
  7. Beer contains polyphenols, which contribute toreduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In this sense, moderate consumption of beer also protects the heart. However, alcohol is also harmful, so you should not abuse beer.

Beer Benefits

Every day there are more studies that warn about the benefits ofmoderate beer consumption. These are the main advantages that scientists have shown. In any case, beer without alcohol and 0.0 will always be more beneficial to health than beer with alcohol when it comes to taking advantage of its qualities for your body.

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