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Manual de instrucciones de limpieza con tanqueta | Install Beer

Tanket Cleaning Instruction Manual

All beer systems and circuits require maintenance and cleaning to avoid yeast contamination or sediment accumulation, in addition to always maintaining the original freshness and flavor that comes from the beer keg. Dirt causes alteration of the real flavor of the beer that is dispensed, therefore, the cleaner we keep the circuit through which the beer passes, the purer the flavor that comes from the barrel.

Application: Fill thetank cleaning solution with the cleaning solution and water, remove the beer head from the keg and prick it in the tank, open the tap and let the beer run out and the cleaning liquid begins to flow out of the tap, let it act for at least 5 minutes , the process must be repeated several times, no more than 20 minutes in total per circuit. Empty and clean thea tank with the cleaning agent, fill only with water and repeat the process of puncturing the beer head and letting water flow out of the tap. The process must be carried out in the same way in all the beer circuits or taps that are available. It is important that each time the cleaning tank is opened, the pressure relief valve should be opened beforehand, so that thea tank and the geyser of cleaning liquid that could harm the person executing the cleaning will be avoided.

Tanqueta de autolimpieza

Cleaning product: Use the cleaning envelopesTM Desanamax (1 envelope pertank complete, cleaning liquid Purexol Liquid Type S 3 solution with water ina en tank or other cleaning fluid that is always available following the manufacturer's instructions..

Water: For eachtank of cleaning with cleaning liquid, then use 2-3 full tanks of water for rinsing as a minimum and always checking that it is sufficient. The ingestion of the cleaning product can cause serious health problems due to its corrosive agents, that is why it is so important to eliminate residues of the agent in the circuit due to the subsequent rinsing with water.a.

Pressure: It is recommended to lower the pressure of the circuit to 1 Bar, it is not necessary to apply more pressure if you press the liquid to the tap at one Bar of pressure. The more pressure greater than 1 Bar the head connection valve and the pressure relief valve of thea tank cleaning. Once the cleaning is finished, adjust the normal beer dispensing pressure back to the one that was prior to cleaning.

Tanqueta de autolimpieza

Trick: Click thetank cleaning in a beer line; open the tap and when cleaning liquid comes out and blows the air because the liquid has arrived from the tank and the colored liquid comes out close the tap. The cleaning liquide TM Desanamax it has the help of color change, initially the liquid has a color because the cleaning agent has not yet acted in the circuit, later it changes color because it is removing dirt from the circuit and finally it returns to the original color because the circuit is completely clean. Unplug the head of the tank and re-prick it again so you always know the full liquid path that fits within the beer circuit. Repeat the same process several times until you see that the cleaning liquid that comes out of the tap is the same color as the start, this means that the circuit is clean. Depending on the distance of the beer circuit you may not need to spend auna tank complete for each line and you can make several lines. By following this process you save liquid and take more advantage of thetank cleaning because it gives capacity for more runs of cleaning liquid.

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